Yuting photo


Yuting Wang is a self-taught watercolor and oil painting artist from Beijing, China. She lived in Israel for four years before moving to the Bay Area in California.

Her painting style is a combination of western realism and eastern romanticism, as a result of her multicultural experience. Her figurative paintings are often symbolic and rich of emotions. She also has a lot of paintings of landscape, animals and still life, which shows her enthusiasm in rediscovering the neglected beauty in daily life.


2018 August - ‘Summer Wisteria’ (watercolor on paper) exhibited at Pacific Art League ‘the Human Form’ show

2018 February - 'Me & Myself' (watercolor on paper) exhibited at WORKS San Jose 'Anti-Valentine' show

2017 August - 'Reborn' (watercolor on paper) exhibited at Pacific Art League's 96th Anniversary Exhibition


2017 July- 2017 November studied impressionism oil painting on the portrait at H.Momo Zhou Fine Art Studio

2016 September-2017 August studied oil painting on portrait and figure at Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier

2016 February-2016 June took courses on figure drawing and watercolor painting at Pacific Art League